Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Unique Cars, Mitsubishi MiEV Sport, Toyota iQ, Toyota RiN

Awareness of environment will make several car manufacturers producing the new product friendly with environment. in the event of IIMS, now, there are two car manufacturers that exhibit environment friendly vehicle concept that is Toyota and Mitsubishi. Toyota exhibit 2 vehicles that is toyota RiN and Toyota iQ while mitsubishi exhibit Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport. The three of car has different superiority and the design of each car is very unique. The ability of Toyota in spawning vehicle that well, subsidized with design of chair that can watch well of its backside body posture form. Besides, Toyota RiN is also equiped with mood detector to detect phsycology mood of the rider, seen from side eksterior in Toyota RiN, it's equiped with glasses that bandaged green colour and white in body. That colour is chosen to decrease violet light infiltration and infra-red from sunshine that give bad effect for skin. Adopted from root shape of Cypress tree from yukushioma island, the other superiority Toyota RiN owned in producing comfortability that is air level regulator and humidity regulator , in order that the interior atmosphere is kept well and fresh combined with chair that can be regulated warmer. not only such, Toyota RiN uses shift door with low door to expand scenery. Still from Toyota, now, Toyota show off also in international arena of IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show) 2009, The Toyota iQ. first time launched at Frankurt, Germany in the year of 2007, Toyota iQ can accommodate 4 passengers so that this car is very suited for urban life style, this super compact car can present comfortablility because of its inverted differential creats compact eksterior dimension by keeping the interior space. The other Superiority of Toyota iQ is, the fuel consumption is very efficient so that produces low emision of CO2. While, i MiEV Sport or stand for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehile Sport is concept car with electric engine from manufacturer of Mitsubishi that has superiority by using recycling energy system, sun controlling glass use so that can increase efficiency of room refrigerator and decrease energy use. Besides, i MiEV bandaged from " green plastic" that come from plant to be used in interior plastic and carpet. The eksterior of i MiEV Sport emphasizes in lay out rear-mindship electricity vehicle, that express nimble electric car performance with two doors appearance that looks sporty.
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