Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ferrari California, New Girly Car from Ferrari

Since first launched last year, that is in Paris Motor Show, devotee requestion of Ferrari from around the world is very high. In the release, Ferrari California is called as “one heart, two soul”. The detail, california come up with two figures, that is coupe sypder (the roof can be opened or convertible). Ferrari California is inspired by Ferrari 250 California that first introduced in 1957. New technology Ferrari is proud of several features and new technology in california. For engine, technology that evaluated new is the hypodermic system. “it is the first ferrari that use engine with direct hypodermic system, ” said mateo bonciani. Another technology is 7 speeds transmission, with dual clutch. In order that the sensation of riding smells like F1 racer keep there, Ferrari California is even also tuned by Michael Schumacher, the world Champion F1 seven times. Contribution of Schumi is of course be performance guarantee with dynamics california in future will exceed the competitors. Not stopped on such, Ferrari California also give sophisticat thing in the form of a selector named Manettino. its formed selector as rotator, placed in right side, under rounded of california rudder. The technology of the selector is derivated from car technology of F1 ferrari. Manettino's function is to control suspension arrangement, controling track, and stability. in order that you feel as F1 racer, Ferrari California is also equiped with its paddle shift transmission. Explained also that to creat a comfortable sport car, in determining application technology, there were suggestion from successfulest eks-Ferrari racer, Michael Schumacher. In 4 second only Engine total capacity 4.300 cc, produce energy 460 ps @7.750 rpm or the specific energy 107 ps/litres. For torque, 485 nm (49 kgm) @5.000 rpm, 75 percents is available in 2.250 rpm. acceleration from 0-100 km only needs around 4 second with speed that can be touch up to 310 km per hour. Other features is dasbor instrument with analog appearance (tachometer) and four TFT screen with various information. equiped with touchscreen system 6,5 inch, USB connection, bluetoooth, harddisk, voice command and iPod Connector. california present in the form of coupe convertible roofed by hardtop. in normal conditon, this car is closed roof. but, if you want to feel different sensation, just press a button in this car then the roof will automatically open only in 14 second. Using standard rim, 19 inches and also there are special offer in 20 inches. The Interesting things is, Ferrari California is there on the market with personality programme. every customer can choose eksterior colour and interior skin, equipment opsional as according to their want. The other personal program is racing and track aspect, materials colour for the interior, and then equipment and travel aspect. This car will be available to enjoy, fastest, in june 2009.
Engine configuration : 90 degrees v 8 location : middle, lengthways capacity : 4.297 litre diameter x stroke : 94,0 mm x 77,4 mm compression comparison : 12,2: 1 valve : 4 valve/cylinder,s, dohc fuel : direct hypodermic dimension and mass length : 4.563 mm width : 1.902 mm high : 1.308 mm wheelbase : 2.670 mm trek: front : 1.630 mm rear : 1.605 mm weight : 1.735 kg performance energy : 460 ps (343 kw) @7.750 rpm torque : 485 nm @5.000 rpm ps/litre : 107 ps/ litre energy/kg : 0,27 ps/kg Top speed : 310 km/clocks 0-96 km/hour : 3,9 second Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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