Sunday, August 16, 2009

Modified Toad Volkswagen, The King of ABT Yogyakarta Indonesia 2009, There is no limit for Art

Soul of art and having high creativity towards car modification makes thinking and crazy idea then blooming. not satisfied and always want to be the best in every car appearance they love. Here's feeling landing on Rudi's heart, the Winner as a King of ABT Yogyakarta Indonesia 2009. Many kinds of effort he did to realize all the willing, even hunting abroad in order that his car display basically is Toad VW can appear more interesting and invite attention mamy people. "Created as a art creation result that can never be measuresed by whatever, so many change done for the appearance in 2009". Start from that matter, the big change is even also done especially seen from eksterior side. Concept carried out that is entertainment car. So it is not strange if there are a lot of changes on whole side. The eksterior becomes the first priority to be worked on seriously, "actually, this car can also be called a handmade car, because allthings are made by myself", said the owner. The Body is custom design made by myself, next the system is completely automatic in supporting eksterior part. Like on right and left front door, designed motorize with three movement stages when you open or close it. Furthermore front and rear bumper looks interesting because it can be opened and closed huddling automatically. There also rear wing on engine cover placed beside of the rear side. It's difficult to determine the engine specification surely, because the standard engine from its VW beetle got many modifications. Swap engine is even also done by adopting from Porsche 911 with VW gearbox. Harmonizing with adopted engine, so the application of Turbo Garret 31, Intercooler and Glow use HKS product. The Carburetor from Delurto Four Barrels becomes a right choice balancing with newest engine he made. According to entertainment concept he planned, the Audio ware is needed to build a different character. By eight subwoofers, crossfire with split, while for the power is chosen a high specification with high level, that is D2000. " We choose power D2000 in order to balance voice produced", said Rudi. not leaved also, DVD layer screen with projector is important part in modification of sound system inside. Another superiority as a whole, this car use electronic tools that can be used to operate the car. Visible from mirror used has camera system with equipment of two screenlayer to control backside. The next specialization comes from use of rim with width diameter 14,5 inch that is orderred directly from IForged, American product. the tires rely on Falken 325/19/25. This quite extreme change of this car become the latest point for tuner from Yogyakarta known by the name of "Kupu-Kupu Malam" (en:"Night Butterfly"). nus
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