Sunday, August 16, 2009

57 Atlantic Bugatti Concept Car

Do you ever imagine if in a moment later there were aliens that come to earth then they bring their vehicle, may be like a car. you certain imagine that the car they drive certain has unique form and of course futuristic. The designers of Bugatti 57 Atlantic must have envisioned the Aliens to come from outer space, therefore, they designed this futuristic car to offer them something of their level from both design and performance aspects. This concept is somehow away from reality so far but according to the French designer, human mind is free to imagine of anything. Though the close to the ground design of this two-seater car is unique from any point of view, the front end matches a bit with Jaguar, on the other hand, the rear part of the car merely looks like a car’s back. Look at its front, this car is has characteristic of Bugatti that is on its middle. This car is seen rather wider from car size usually because both tires position for rear and front is wider. But for passengerss place is narrower into. When you see this car from in front of, this car seems wide. But look at the rear side. This car seems wider with rear body that attenuate and wheels coverred body like engine casing on scooter. I don't know with what considering that this rear wheels is more widen placed out of its main body. On the roof, found window that actually this is a rear window. This car is very low and almost nudge the earth and perhaps that's that give characteristic that this is a futuristic future car. But I think more than such, this car is better if this car is a car that can fly. Are you with me?
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