Sunday, August 16, 2009

Facelift Jaguar XF Supercharged enliven IIMS 2009

Exhibition of IIMS held from 24 July-2 August 2009 offered many kind of cars from assorted market segment in society. This matter is also followed by another luxurious car,including Jaguar that is one of the special luxurious car. for indonesian market, special agent company for Jaguar is PT. Prima Autogroupindo that hold autorized official lisense of Jaguar in Indonesia. Its presence will turn on five great products especially newest facelift from Jaguar XF that is a product that will be sold in Indonesia this year. One of the marketing parties of PT. Prima Autogroupindo in the exhibition of IIMS, Boyke Chandra said that the superior product of facelift is Jaguar XF Supercharged that may call that the new product introduced newly on automotive world in the middle of this year is given price of US$210.000. "Indonesia is also one of the potential market segment for Jaguar", he said furthermore. Boyke also added, "Jaguar XF Facelift is the one that becomes a superior car with V8 engine supercharged expressly put as a display on our showstand. Jaguar is a segmented car mean that with the luxury Jaguar has, the market segment aimed is also different that is upper society" . Their hope in IIMS at present is an optimism to offer Jaguar product for visitor target according to its segmented of jaguar for IIMS in this time. [min/timabt]
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