Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honda CR-Z Sporty, The Newest Hybrid Car from Honda

From automaker honda, this japanese origin manufacturer is planning to throw out CR-Z Sporty Hybrid and Fit Hybrid to the world market starting from February 2010 with a precise strategy because both of the cars has been being waited by loyal customer of Honda with its superiority. The waiting comes from a statement of the owner, CEO Honda, Takanobu Ito, both of the cars speciality is the economical hybrid system and efficient whereas the global warming, participation of the tuners race to creat car that it is certain economical fuel and environment friendly. Special for the Compact Renaissance Zero or known as Honda CR-Z has been introduced beforehand in the early 2007 with a few choice with gas fuel or hybrid assumed it has energy strength 140 horse power with 1.8 litre. Participation of car companies in decreasing global warming effect is not just a ignored statement for them especially in design by electric engine or hybrid with environment friendly fuel. This matter will be used by Honda that is the one of [the] biggest car company in the world by its concept, so 2010 is sale arena for efficient car belongs to Honda CR-Z that will be sold in Japan in February 2010. For customer in Indonesia, seem you must bear with to wait for asia area sale. [min/timabt] it's a concept built around Honda's current-gen hybrid in this generation's Civic Hybrid/Accord. No matter—the LED headlights, body lines, and dash are kind enough on the eyes The theme for Honda's automobile booth for this year is: "For the endless joy of mobility on our earth". Based on this theme, Honda will display a variety of advanced environmental technologies that address environmental issues such as a reduction in CO2 emissions, together with the fun of mobility. Two concept models will make their world premiere at the motor show. The CR-Z is a next-generation lightweight sports car equipped with Honda's original gas-electric hybrid system which achieves both clean performance and a high level of torque. The PUYO is a fuel cell vehicle which was designed based on out-of-box thinking to provide fun for both the vehicle owner and people around them as well. Also on display will be a model of the i-DTEC next-generation diesel engine CR-Z 'CR-Z' stands for 'Compact Renaissance Zero'- an expression intended to capture the idea of a renaissance in the design of compact cars that begins anew from fundamentals. This design research model of a lightweight hybrid sports car features advanced technologies that deliver enjoyable driving for all while reducing the vehicle's environmental footprint. Exterior design Designed to be 'Futuristic and Dynamic', the CR-Z combines powerful performance in a compact form with a futuristic image. For its frontal view, an over-sized grill with a high-performance look is offset by openings on each side that lighten the overall feel. In the rear, tube-shaped rear combination lamps ensure better rearward visibility. Design details emphasizing the CR-Z's advanced image include door mirrors that provide high visibility in a stylish form, LED headlights patterned after luminous bodies to convey a sharp impression, and jauntyfin-shaped Interior design The key words for the CR-Z's interior design are 'Hi-tech and Sporty'. The goal was to create an all-new sporty interior that fuses the liberating feel of airy spaciousness with an advanced interface that brings out the fun of the drive. Mesh material on a simple framework construction is used throughout the interior to convey a light, sophisticated image without being oppressive. In the cockpit, the meter unit conveys the image of advanced technology ensconced in a piece of glass artwork, offering the functionality of immediate recognition while enhancing the driving experience with a futuristic and exhilarating feeling.

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