Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Best Tips to care your Peugeot

Choosing brand, kind and series of vehicle must really consider many things and knowing character from the car we have is the one necessity for you. this way have a great aim how to cure and use it properly with the suggestion, and of course the mentioned is related to preservation with age of vehicle you take care of. as origin french, Peugeot has special way in the treatment, because this one belong to sensitive. There are 10 tips to care Peugeot, that are 10 "Do not!" towards your Peugeot. following tips are: 1. Don't wash the engine with water directly, best with dry small brush or napkin cloth and not too wet, you can blow wind from compressor. This mean in order that the electrical system in engine is not disturbed, because every censor socket exist in engine have sil. the mentioned that must be guarded, because when sil is worns-out, it can cause making water entrance slit from dew remained. fatalest if water spread step into ECU (Engine Control Unit), whereas the position of Peugeot ECU belongs to engine space. 2. Don't do radiator water adding while the engine is on, to be worried it will be entered by faked air insides the circuit that will cause making high temperature (not normal). the right time is when the engine is not yet on at all (cold condition) and limit it till maximum level. The purpose of the mentioned because Peugeot relies on builder system, so that if there is a water evacuation till passing by minimal limit, it will happen air supply at engine space. This matter air makes temperature trigger on high course. solution suggested that is by opening enclosed valve on engine in order to take out air from engine space. 3. Don't do cable deliverance battery positive or negative suddenly (directly) for vehicle that using immobilizer. best done according to procedure appropriate with type of vehicle are: - type 306 n5, 406 d8: key is on for 10 second, then turn the key off then take it off from one of the battery connectors. - type 806: key on, then take the key off from one of the konektor battery. - for vehicle of semi full mux and full mux: contact key on 10 second then turn it off and wait until 3 minutes after that take the key off from battery connector. 4. Don't do over accumulator water adding (over from max level). For vehicle that use wet accumulator, because if while the engine is on, the alternator will do admission filling electricity into battery and happen evaporation. out steam and hitting parts on engine space will make it broken. particularly for automatic car, when it till comes into transmission,it will happen slip. 5. Don't do pushing up the vehicle at imprecise position while exchanging tyre or oil. Best done in part that permitted to put on the jack (pusher car up tools). There are 4 points that permitted for the jack position that is under bameboard under cabin; front right, right hind and front left with left hind. When it isn't done well at the (time) of pushing up the car, it can cause damage in chassis or chassis can crooked. 6. Don't use 'hand brake too long while the vehicle is unmoved after washed or crossing stagnated water road . This thing mean in order that the rear brake shoe is durable or taked off and locked by rear standard brake. The phenomenon of such can be seen at the first road condition time or when heard sound like 'glek' it mean it has happen locking in the brake. The solution of such that is suggested after washing or after passing by wet road if in parking, better the car condition is on entered gear position, it's useful also as wheel runned holder. 7. Don't cross by road that stagnated water more than half tyre, in order it doesn't happen 'water hummer'. 8. Don't do fulfilling air into tyre the pressure more than 30 psi and look at also tyre patern, in order that the vehicle keeps stable. 9. Don't run too fast while the vehicle passes by broken road or hillock. This matter aims to keep suspension ware preservation. 10. Don't forget to do treatment periodically your peugeot every multiple 5000 km to your trusted repair shop. nus.timabt
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