Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Lagonda Aston Martin Concept Car

The Aston Martin Lagonda Concept that appeared at Geneva Motor Show this year is unlikely to morph into a production car, according to reports. Ever since its purchase by Aston Martin in 1947, the Lagonda brand has played second fiddle to the firm's sports cars. That may well change, as Aston Martin's announced it intends to revive the brand, offering this - the 2009 Lagonda concept - as proof of its intent. Certainly, it doesn't look like an Aston Martin, but apart from the 1964 Rapide (built from the Aston Martin DB4) and seven sedans built from the 1975 DBS coupe, few ever have. Some, like the wildly angular 1976 model, have pushed the envelope of automotive styling. Aston calls the Lagonda a "four-seat international tourer," which we take to mean as a crossover. Indeed, the Lagonda is an all-wheel-drive vehicle, and its short overhangs, tall stance, and large 22-inch wheels suggest it's made to traverse surfaces other than tarmac. We're told the concept uses a V-12 for power; we'd guess it's the same 6.0-liter V-12 found in the DB9. While the vehicle looks like a Chinese knock-off of a Bentley Conti GT, a Chrysler 300, the Land Rover LRX concept, and an AM Rapide it is supposed to be a Lagonda. Aston Martin is trying to postition the Langonda brand as a less-sporty, more luxurious marque that will appeal to the wealthy elite in established and emerging markets. Currently, Aston is only sold in 34 countries but CEO Dr. Bez hopes to offer Lagonda in over 100. Lastly, the taillights look like they could have been the work of Peter Schreyer. Yes, they’re so attractive that they are befitting a Kia. Although many may critisize the choice of producing a 4WD CUV/SAC/SUV/SAV, Russian oil barons and Chinese sweatshop owners are surely delighted at the prospect of a high-end vehicle they can use year ’round. Especially if it will help to differentiate them from the simpleton Cayenne and X6 owners. Perhaps Aston Martin and Lagonda haven’t made as much of a mistake as the automotive media would have you believe.
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