Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mercedes Benz Command, Internet Surfing device in Cars

Mercedes-Benz (MB) is now trying to make people can surf to the internet joyfully while driving. Precisely, a car is equipped with devices ready to connect to the Internet global network. The Mercedes-Benz's devices is named My Command. Although My Command is still in research stage, MB have already showed in the Los Angeles Auto Show months ago. My sophisticated Command can explore the virtual world operated by using the play button (rotari) and high-resolution LCD screen. In addition, while car engine is turned on, the computer in the car will immediately update its data and information. Because of that, we call MB as user friendly telecommunications.Internet access can be fast, easy to use, safe, and reliable. According to the experts of MB, the challenge at this time is making the drivers can be online while driving safely, comfortable, and getting a better network bandwidth or frequency channels. The Sciencetist hope, in a few more years, the Internet connection is available almost in every place with the higher bandwidth. Thus, My Command can be used effectively. My Command feature is offered off-board navigation, trip or assist the travel, the radio world, and the browser. Off-board navigation also provide traffic information through the Internet in accordance with the selected route drivers. By using convensional map on the screen, drivers can determine the direction or place easily. Besides, My Command will provide weather information along the route passed. Drivers can also get the facilities of a hotel or place of entertainment that drivers want. Assisting with the trips, the hotel reservation can be made directly from the car. The Global radio, through the Internet, drivers can enjoy in the every radio station around the world while driving. Drivers can also use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone call or through a network with free. My Command is not only offers a variety of interesting options. It is also designed with attractive operational . High-resolution screen is installed in the middle of the dashboard. The screen is also placed on the position of the fitting. Drivers can see easily the position of ergonomis sitting . Thus, the driver's eyes remain the focus to the road or the traffic situation right in front of the drivers. myCOMAND lays the foundation for optimal use of the internet in the car. The Mercedes-Benz researchers expect that it will take a few more years until the technical prerequisites have been created and such a system is available in production cars.
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