Sunday, August 16, 2009

Modified Toyota Great Corrola, Wrapped all by Leather

Creativity of modifying a car really will not ever finished. Such as a modification of Toyota Great Corrola on here. A custom style with bandage of vinyl comprehensively from eksterior up to interior. The outside display start from willing the owner try to make modification design by himself for car produced in 1995. by custom repair of Ascor, the creativity of Marvin (the Owner) is realized trough ingredient of white vinyl nudge entire eksterior and espoused with accesories of cloth buttons for amount 1500 ones. For balancing the body, foots part even also get concept with supported motive. by custom rim product of Lavinhard 18 inch, it feels like more complete while it's applied by thin sporty tyre size 235/15/ZR18. meanwhile, to get impression of thinflat look, Marvin just remove the suspension and use stopper so that looks more stylish. let's move to the interior, we will find nuance equal to its outside, still have theme of leather that bandage entire layers in cabin. appearance of elegan with colour blend between brown and white, and still carry button cloth as the decoration completion. Audio system becomes a dish that complete all features in the cabin, where the audio device from venom becomes the mainstay. begun from power 4 channel, subwoofer 12 inch and 2 front speakers. Head unit uses JVC while for television screen is entrusted in product from Cedio.
Modification list: Car : Toyota Great Corrola Interior : vynil eksterior body : vynil Rim : Lavinhard sporty 18 inch 235/15/ZR18 Audio device : Venom Head Unit : JVC TV Screen : Cedio Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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