Sunday, August 16, 2009

888 Peugeot Concept Car

Future has special characteristic like unique things existence that can transform becoming various form or position. as does a future car, future car can change form and position like on following car. Peugeot 888, you can call it the big brother of the Peugeot VERS; it’s almost exactly the same, with the same functions of shortening up in busy streets and lying down flat on the highway, but with one crucial feature: more luggage space. Yes, now you can go on out in the outback and the country side to spend some time away from the urban madness. Coming to design, the car is conceived by Norway’s Oskar Johansen and is, like the Vers, a two-seater. Although the functions are all nearly the same, they still are more “pushed”, if you ask me. In other words, unlike the Vers, the car can shorten or stretch out even more. Therefore it is more convenient. On the technical side, to make it ‘clean’, it is powered by motors which are run by lithium-ion batteries, which in turn, are covered by solar panels for additional energy. Such development should certainly continue as we are all aware of population and most of all, environmental problems. Cars like this are what will make the future better.
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