Sunday, August 16, 2009

Modified Mitsubishi L200, The Lowest Truck ever made

Current low ride modification is the most wanted from whole world. at contest Mayasi Auto Extreme at Surabaya, somedays ago there is a trade vehicles almost approach hall parking floor. a pick up Mitsubishi L200 2006 is decorated with the uniqueness. The owner of the lowest ride is member of Autonomic Club of Surabaya (Indonesia). Made as low as possible doesn't mean the process without spending extra cost. According to the owner, it's just turning the shockbreaker at rear wheel facing up and locking it with the binder plate. for the front wheel it's just throwing out per in the shockbreaker and adding massive rubber to hold coupe body downwards. at l200,it cannot change the torque. besides, The winner of The Lowest car use rimm Flat MOON 14 inch and tyre of Hankook size of 175/65-14 and then making over the interior design with semi elegant by adding accesories of mini bar from MDF. for the backside, it's is wrapped up with vinyl from MDF crocodile motive. With such action, automatically this car can only be driven by 1 person and no passenger. Because with only the driver, this car leave just 1 cm only from earth. Modification lists: Rim : moon 6.5 x 14 Wheeldop: verkrom mirror : old bike lamp tyre : Hankook 175/65-14 vinyl : MDF
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