Sunday, August 16, 2009

Volkswagen Beetle 1961, Apearance between Toad and Crocodile

An idea in modification car can really come based on thinking from anywhere. And intensity of a modifier is proper to get appreciation where an idea come true. look out the Volkswagen Beetle year of 1961, the properties Andit, 20. His willing to own "Toad" VW (Volkswagen) with modification in the style of crocodile is one of [the] unique concept in arena of Autoblackthrough 2009, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. " I have thought what if a toad changes form becoming a crocodile " said Andit. In order to fulfill desirable concept, so eksterior appearance becomes the main target. Original crocodile leather is the choice used to overlay entire eksterior body. to Beautify the appearance, it is done also lenghten bodi width for around 9 cm, and also equiped by existence bodi custom begin from frontside and rearside. not also forgot, side skirt become another priority. another modification is found on front door that is changed becoming gullwing model and the rear one imitates slide style towards back. See also the feet that got change touch maximal enough. seen four rim product of Carlsson with diameter 19 inch with spinner model. rubber ware (tyre) from Accelera 215/35/19 is trusted to wrap up rim laminated chrome. specialization happens in suspension that rely on air suspension system with four points. " I use air suspension with four points and be operated using playstation stick, furthermore specialization in frontage can move jumping, like a toad, " said the owner. Furthermore, electricity filling used for air suspension uses two lines, first from engine, meanwhile it can also use accumulator line or from electricity. so that when engine is stopped, the air suspension keep work, so that it's good when following a contest. let's move to energy production ware from its Toad Volkswagen. at first, it has ability 1300 cc. and then by swap engine of VW 1963, drastically itspower increase up to 1800 cc. To subsidize the new engine performance, petrol supply is supporte by the carburator of Toyota Kijang 5k. Fibreglass Interior with a steer wheel from Momo Thunder appear horor blending of black plume domination and there is also crocodile sketch replica, to strengthen the modification character. " with theme of completely black make the car seems spooky, " sid Andit. to support interior, present also audio device from Rockford, with four subwoofers 12 inch, two power with one monoblok and four channel with a LCD screen 17 inch. while, for the head unit relies on product of VDQ (DVD). nus
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