Sunday, August 16, 2009

Modified Honda Civic Estilo, The King Nominee of ABT Yogyakarta Indonesia 2009

The King Nominee of ABT Yogyakarta 2009, coming up with orange sport elegant of Honda Estillo The biggest modification special event in Yogyakarta, Djarum Black Autoblackthrough 2009 became an arena to show strength up displaying creativities of modificator(modifyer) in modifying cars they drive. This time, Atlanta Formula Group displayed their Honda Civic Estilo, coming up shiny with full colour of orange with sport elegant concept has stole attention from visitors in ABT Yogya 2009. Let's see in speed part owned by the modificator, Benny Wijaya, from yogyakarta, explained that for engine there are not many change just using standard engine of Honda Civic Estilo and a little flavoured by porting to increase speed performance. This matter is proved when following Dyno Contest, Benny's car with engine capacity 1600 cc can produce 80 horse power and coming up to make proud in ABT Yogyakarta 2009 event. For bodykit, the modificator said that most of all is changed for bodykit from the original form then customized by Atlanta Formula Group. only a little remain left of the original estilo that is the frontside roof, orange colour added strong graphic sketch vector appears simple but keep elegant, looks stylish and high class. Door system seen sporty with wings increases the Honda estilo look to convince, display of headlight still use Aerio Civic, while for rearlamps, it use stoplight of Peogeot 206, it add sophisticated style increasing from modificator, then with four points air suspension from Venometic looks steady to see it. Seeing in interior with custom seats is made for freshment of rider with floor look rather downward. for the dashboard is changed totally but still displaying the original detail of Honda Estilo, rearseat to baggage is made for audioware place such as speakers, sub woofers, with power and amplifier given by Virtrue with audio JVC Double Din is some impressive additional for this car. to increase the speed of Honda Estilo, its steady feet uses rim ring 22 Pegasus EXE, increasing its look so steady with tyre bandaged from Toyo. Precise design from the homestay modificator, Atlanta Formula Group, located at Magelang Street km 5, Yogyakarta conceitedly display the modification result at autoblackthrough event. hard work result from Benny and team made this car as one of the candidates of king nominee ABT Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2009. min
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