Friday, July 31, 2009

2010 Jaguar XJ, The Newest Car from Jaguar

At Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, The U.K, last week, launched newest XJ four doors that is highest variant from Jaguar. Present at that launching programme must be startled because newest Jaguar design of XJ that break all Jaguar characteristic that always come up conservatively. Despite of doing redesain, Jaguar XJ keeps carrying design lines that has been surviving since beginning of the coming up at era of 60, now appear only with more modern style. Just look at the head lamp, usual in twin four, now it's sweeter with almond form. for the grill - it's not twin any more but slurr, produce firm impression, strong and dominant. Air entrance hole is bigger at front, deep and dominant. Even also, Jaguar keep defending the special characteristic as far lighter car than the competitor, this is because of alluminium frame. The total weight is 1700 kgs, lighter from S-Class or 7 series. This sedan applies V6 and V8 engine with diesel motor v6. gasoline engine 5.0 litre, V8 can give power up to 283kw and supercharged can reach 375kw. Diesel engine in capacity of 3.0 litre, 6 cylinders, V6, can produce 202kw and torque, 600Nm. Gearbox in XJ equal to XF series, that is 6-speed automatic. compared with XF, this gearbox has got completing mechanical side. the new technology that wants to be signalized is the water suspension, making XJ comes up its soft and pleasant while running straightly, but stay nimble and stable on turning road. Atmosphere awaken in interior same as Jaguar XF. the cabin covers leather rug and 8 optional kinds of wood , harmonic combination between contemporary design and tradisional for conventional jaguar lover. If you like modern touch, you will be amazed with touchscreen LCD 12.3 inch, replacing instrument cluster conventional. besides, jaguar drive rotary gear selector. The Passengers in backside can enjoy a pair of LCD at front chair head-back. For merely straightening feet, there is 5 inches addition for long wheel base version. you can also enjoy sky beauty via panoramic glass. In United Kingdom, the newest Jaguar XJ can be ordered at present and be estimated that the first consumer will have got that car in the early 2010. price is begun on 52.500 poundsterling (Rp 892,5 million) for variant of diesel engine (3.0 litre v6).
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