Monday, December 28, 2009

Nissan 350 z Nismo in Modification, Magnetizing people by its Look

The presence of newest Nissan 350z series into automotive world really has different magnetpower to all automotive fans. because, the car with aerodinamics eksterior body becomes a special superiority in making design plan for modification process. Senner, one of tuners, is interested in working on the display of sedan that bring this concept of convertible. Its body becomes the main point to be worked earliest. sure it is still holding onto a concept of sporty design and aerodinamic. Seen perfect with Applying front Appron with nice bumper design. it's added also by presence of spoiler as a wrapper of its frontside. Furthermore, it's given also a new logo on beside, and a wing on rearside made larger. Modification of futuristic is presented by style of Gullwing for both doors. To get impression of sporty, legs get even also change touch. This time, Senner chose using rim 20 inch with fivelegs star model. It is equiped also by chrome as fascination thing. Different size of rubber circled on frontside and rearside add a harmony feel on the wheel ware. The Sedan that can be changed to be coupe and also roadster is also modified with a suspension ware which is low enough so that this car can support speed system onto ground maximaly. Thereby, of course, it can also make effect towards engine of 3.5-litre configuration of V6. By the skill and expertion of the modificator, that engine can produce horse power as big as 338 horse power. Talking about interior is not many change. This matter is caused by with standard feature existed, it has given enough an eleganitas nuance in the cabin space. Leather package completely luxurious has become bonuses from automaker party in the production of thi sport car.nus specifications: Basic car : Nissan 350z Engine : 3.5-litre V6 Power engine : 338 hp Wheels / tires : 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in beefy high-performance tires 245/30 (front) and 275/30 (rear) Suspension : lower suspension kit Exterior : front appron, large rear wing, new eunuch logos and LSD doors

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